Events by Rincon Team


Marc Borowitz

President, Owner & Event Coordinator

Cell: 805.896.9541

Marc Borowitz is self-taught as he spent his youth in the kitchen and worked his way up from bus boy to opening his own restaurant, Brandon's in 1984.  

Brandon's has since developed into Events by Rincon which boasts two premier venues-Rincon Beach Club and Zoo Catering Services at the Santa Barbara Zoo.  Marc loves cooking and can often be found in the kitchen developing new menus, especially food with full body flavors, hitting all areas of the taste buds-sweet, salty, spicy.  Marc has a strong passion for the event industry and is very hands-on with the management of the company.  He believes in giving guests an amazing experience from start to finish. 

Marc is partnered at Rincon with his wife, Carol. Marc and Carol have been married for over 30 years! Marc’s free time is spent with his new adorable granddaughter, Sylvia and in the great outdoors hiking.


Carol Borowitz

Owner, Event Coordinator & Decor Specialist

Cell: 805.896.9544

Carol Borowitz is co-founder, with her husband Marc, of Rincon Beach Club and Catering.

 Two of the many roles Carol has for the company are event planning and the decor specialist. For over a decade Carol has worked side by side with Marc sharing her passion for the business and enriching the lives of many people. She graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Business Administration bachelor degree and Accounting minor. Credited largely to her expertise, many of the recipes still used within the business were first developed by Carol; the legendary chocolate brownies are particularly a company favorite. Carol enjoys traveling, cooking and babysitting her first granddaughter, Silvia James!


Angie Chaves

Wedding Coordinator

Angie Chaves plays a prominent role at Events by Rincon, as the Zoo Catering Services Event Planner at the Beautiful Santa Barbara Zoo.

Angie grew up in Santa Barbara attending a local high school followed by Santa Barbara City College; where she completed three associate degrees. Her degrees are in Marketing, Small Business, and Liberal Arts. With no time was wasted after graduation, she immediately started working for Events by Rincon. Angie recently has started her 14th year working with the company.

Over the years her attention to detail, loyal relationship, and hard work have only continued to make her a true success at Events by Rincon. When Angie is not working hard in the office to serve her clients to the fullest, she is spending time with her friends and family enjoying her native home. Most of her free time is spent on the beach with her fur child, Mollie, or local day trips with her girl friends.


Eloise Adler - Gevirtz

Social & Wedding Coordinator

Eloise’s event planning skills and love for the industry came full-circle once she joined Rincon back in December of 2014. After 2 years of working with Rincon Beach Club clients, Eloise now handles everything from Corporate to Wedding clients at any location in the ‘805’

As a Santa Barbara native, deep roots and love for her hometown, her knowledge and passion for the Santa Barbara community is a strong asset for Team Rincon.  A keen eye for detail, a remarkable sensibility to clients needs and an obsessive desire to get things right are her trademarks.

During her well earned down time, Eloise can be found traveling foreign countries, hiking the woods of California, camping, fly fishing, and experimenting in her own kitchen. Not only does Eloise slay in the event world, she also kills it on the ping pong table.



Sumner Morgan Smith

Social Media and Web Design

Sumner works as Rincon's  Marketing and Web Design Director.

Sumner is a great asset to Team Rincon. Sumner grew up in Franklin, TN just outside of Nashville with her close-knit family. She has a passion for planning and has enjoyed several service, coordination and decor related internships throughout her college career. She graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors in Psychology and moved to California in February 2013, for more opportunities in the event industry.

After working with our corporate, social, and wedding clients as a coordinator, Sumner is now heading our Web Design and Marketing Department. Her focus is on Social Media, Web design and connecting with all of our amazing clients and vendors! These days, her free time is spent with her fur children, Ecco and Boone, and enjoying newlywed life! She now lives in Nashville, TN working remotely for Events by Rincon.


Allie Wiliams

Event Assistant

Allie joined the Rincon team shortly after graduating from college and is contributing as a sales associate while she works towards becoming an Event Coordinator.

Allie is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. She moved to Santa Barbara almost five years ago for school and hasn’t looked back. Although she loves the “Land of Enchantment”, her dreams of planning weddings and the not-too-shabby American Riviera have kept her next to the ocean. She has a bachelors in English from Westmont College. When Allie is not in the office she enjoys hours of beach volleyball and day trips around the Santa Barbara area. She taks full advantage of her new California home. She is a passionate latte drinker and an avid sports fan. Allie has become a dedicated Dodgers fan and a L.A. Rams t-shirt owner in the last two years. She also loves swing dancing and line dancing - dragging Team Rincon with her any chance she gets.


Flavia Ritterstein

Catering Manager

After 15 years as part of the Rincon Family, Flavia is a huge part of the success of Rincon. 

Flavia began her Rincon career as the Laguna Blanca School Lunch Client Representative in 2000.  Having shown great organization and attention to detail, Flavia became a member of the operations team in 2004, moving to Operations Manager in 2006, now our Catering Manager.  Her responsibilities include efficiently managing the setup, organization and daily chaos that comes with being a part of a catering team!  Her positive attitude and flexibility make her a key part of Rincon. Her attention to detail, passion for outstanding service and genuine character are the perfect example of what Rincon is built upon. Most of Flavia's time away from work is monopolized by chasing he teenager around town.

Jose (Pepe) Garcia

Chef & Head Kitchen Manager

Pepe began his Rincon career almost 14 years ago, packing trucks and setting up for parties in our Operations Department.

Having shown great organizational skills and a passion for cooking, Pepe became the leader of the kitchen team and stepped into the role as Kitchen Manager. He leads his team with confidence and skill. We are lucky to have Pepe as our Rincon Chef. When Pepe isn't found in the kitchen he is reading sing-along books with his daughter, fishing for lunch or enjoying time with his family at the Zoo.


Ron True

Chef & Administrative Kitchen Manager

Chef Ron True is a Santa Barbara native with over 25 years of professional experience. Working with some of the most respected chefs and restaurateurs in the country; Zuni Cafe, Gramercy Tavern, Union Square Cafe and his own Arlington Tavern are some of the highlights of his career before joining Rincon Events in 2016.

As Rincon’s Kitchen Manager, Ron partners with Chef Pepe to create new dishes, customize recipes for guests and maintain consistency for a continued success at Rincon. Ron is a strong asset to our Team, with creativity in the Kitchen and a strong history of passion for customer service and food. Ron’s new passion, other than motorcycle adventures, is his wife, Nicole, new baby girl and changing dirty diappers.


Jonathan Sotelo

Operations Manager

Jonathan has been an asset to Events by Rincon for 12 years. Over the years he has juggled many hats within the company. Now as the Operations Manager, he supervises deliveries, oversees event setups, breakdown and leads all rental, lighting and equipment production. Jonathan can even be found in the kitchen supporting Pep's team!

Not only is Jonathan a strong leader at Events by Rincon, he is a strong team member. His team is the backbone of Rincon and with his leadership, Rincon’s events continue to succeed. Jonathan’s dedication to his family and to the Rincon family are important assets to the foundation of Rincon Events. Other than his passion for success at Rincon, his passion is his family. “I have been married to my beautiful wife, Wendy, for 11 years. I have an amazing 10 year old son and a wonderful 6 year old daughter”. He spends his time fishing, hiking, biking and with his family when he is not at work.


Luis Espinoza

Operations Department

Luis has worked at Rincon for 16 years straight, he started in 1999. Luis is a huge part of the continued success at Rincon. Being a part of the Rincon family since his teenage years, Luis has been a part of the growth and change at our company, for better or for worse, his dedication and strength are strong assets for our team.

Working alongside Jonathan, there is nothing our dynamic duo can not accomplish. Luis is our “Rincon Renaissance Man”. With skills in the kitchen, with lighting, rental setup, tenting and client relations. Reliability, trust, and diligence are part of Luis’ core character.
He has a loving wife, Leticia, who he has been married to for 14 years. Spending time with his family and biking with his daughters, are two of his passions outside of Rincon.